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WorldWild Podcast

 Episode 47  29th May 2020

Our Deeper States with Holly Bridges

In the third of a series on being in your body, we chat with Holly Bridges, author of Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism: How the Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity Help Us Make Sense of Autism. This is a fascinating chat which builds on the ideas of the previous two podcasts, in which we deep dive into neuroception, different states of being, and opening up new worlds of possibility.

Tune in to a meeting of the wild natural world and the neurophysiological world...



'We’ve lost the language of this dorsal state, which is our deeper state, our otherness state'

- Holly Bridges / ep.47

About Holly Bridges


Holly Bridges lives in Perth, Western Australia, and travels the world teaching teaching and speaking on autism therapy. She is the author of ‘Re-Frame Your Thinking Around Autism’ which expounds on the Polyvagal Theory in relation to her work with autistic people. She has a lifelong passion for neuroplasticity and working in somatics; the combination of which has made her approach to autism therapy progressive and full of hope for possible futures whereby we redefine our therapeutic outlook to encompass other ways of being.

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About the show


We offer a series of conversations to tap into the wildness within ourselves and to uncover what is possible when we do. It is our hope that through the WorldWild Podcast we can contribute to the revitalisation of wild food culture and conversation around the world.


Through people who know their landscapes intimately, we gather the threads to weave a rich tapestry. Piece by piece the vision of a wilder world comes into view. The wild embrace of nature welcomes us back and offers us a seat at the table. A feast, no less!




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