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WorldWild Podcast

 Episode 5  8th March 2019

Temporarily Uncertain Of Our Position with Tristan Gooley

Tristan Gooley has spent years studying the navigation methods of many cultures in some of the remotest regions on Earth. He is an internationally-renowned teacher and speaker on natural navigation and has authored the immensely popular books The Natural Navigator (2010), The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs (2014), How to Read Water (2016) and Wild Signs and Star Paths (2018).

Whilst technology has us all looking down at our screens; Tristan's goal is to have us looking up; to see a world of signs and paths. We discuss what it means to live in the modern wilderness, how to reconnect with wild spaces and how we can all find our way; one way or another. Listen as Tristan and Miles navigate the modern wilderness...


'You can never be totally lost if at some point in the past you had some idea where you are'

- Tristan Gooley, episode 5


About Trsitan Gooley


Tristan Gooley is a writer, navigator, and explorer. He has led expeditions around the world and spent time in the remotest places on Earth whilst honing his craft and revitalising an interest in natural navigation. The Natural Navigator, a school which Tristan set up in 2008, takes up this aim; to share the joy of time spenting hunting for clues and signs in nature. His approach in blending natural science, myth, folklore and the history of travel has inspired many people to take up the challenge. He is also the only living person to have both flown solo and sailed single-handed across the Atlantic and shares his stories on stages around the world and in-print. Upon meeting, he may ask you which way is south.



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About the show


We offer a series of conversations to tap into the wildness within ourselves and to uncover what is possible when we do. It is our hope that through the WorldWild Podcast we can contribute to the revitalisation of wild food culture and conversation around the world.


Through people who know their landscapes intimately, we gather the threads to weave a rich tapestry. Piece by piece the vision of a wilder world comes into view. The wild embrace of nature welcomes us back and offers us a seat at the table. A feast, no less!



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